It can’t surprise you anymore.
Says who?! 

A building that’s been a landmark on the Vltava embankment for the last 20 years. A house that’s seen both James Bond in Casino Royale and played a role in the action film G. I. Joe. A building whose best days are behind it. Says who?!

The Danube House hasn’t changed in its 20 years of existence. It’s bow points to the iconic Prague Castle, and it became the gate to the popular Karlín neighbourhood. The world around it has since been transformed, just like its closest surroundings. It now stands within a park in the Riverside Karlín campus at the base of the new footbridge from Holešovice with an abundance of offices in the area.

And now Danube House itself will undergo a transformation. You just have to wait a bit to see what we’ve come up with. It will take Prague’s breath away once again, just like 20 years ago.

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Want to know more than others?


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